Well-Being Professional Services is an innovative medium sized professional service firm rendering personalised services to our numerous clients spanning industrial, government, commercial, professional, banking, insurance, finance, oil marketing and oil service sectors. If you need more than just numbers from your accountant, we encourage you to contact us as our defining difference is providing guidance helping our clients toward a better business.

We have associates with equally acceptable standards from where we can draw staff for large jobs.Because of our size, we render customised services and our basic goals are:..

  • -To render professional services of the highest quality to our clients
  • -To enable our partners and staff to develop to their maximum potential.
  • -To make a fair profit.
  • -To be among the leading firms through the achievement of excellence in delivering high quality services.
We provide services to companies throughout their lifecycle. We help clients address serious business concerns involving tax, mergers and acquisitions, financial investigation, forensic accounting, divestitures, and capital planning. Our dedicated professionals deliver personalized services that are rich in experience, specialized skill sets and industry knowledge..


  • *Training and Management Development
  • Nigerian Institute for Training and Development (NITAD)
    Centre for Management Development (CMD)

  • *Auditing and Accounting
  • Auditor – General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants (ACCA)
    Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)

  • *Capital Market
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

  • *Entrepreneurship
  • Small and Medium Enterprises Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN)
    Nigeria Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NICCI)

  • Taxation
  • `Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN)