Residents Of Bida displeased over Unhealthy drinking Water, Typhoid dwells.

Byline: Uwadiegwu Ogochukwu Patience.

Residents in Bida, Niger state have expressed bitterness over the recent condition of the drinking water.
Interviews with a cross-section of environs revealed that the water has caused them several illnesses most especially typhoid which is presently rife.
A resident, Mrs. Ifeoma Onuora while sharing her plight, said that her son just recovered from an acute typhoid which he suffered for a month.
” The water is really bad,I spent a lot of money treating my son, the situation got to a point that he looked like he was going to die, thank Go d I didn’t loose him. ” She said.
Another resident and student of Federal Polytechnic Bida from the Deaprtment of MechanicalnEngineering,Salisu Ndagi posited that the cost of purchasing sachet water presents the regular tap water as the only option, as a result they become proned to typhoid.
“I just suffered typhoid recently and it wasn’t funny at all, I was advised by the doctor to quit drinking water from the tap”. He said.
Following the outbreak of typhoid in the metropolis, medical practitioners have linked the ailment to the intake of unpurified and contaminated water by residents.
A medical doctor and consultant with the Federal Medical who spoke under the condition of anonymity charged residents to try as much as they can to purchase better treated water in order to sustain a sound health free from typhoid or any related ailment.

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