A man can contact toilet disease through Open Sex

Byline: Uwadiegwu Ogochukwu Patience.

A man can contact toilet infection through open sexual intercourse with an infected female, a practicing Pharmacist has revealed.

The pharmacist, Mohammed Aliyu in an interface with wellbeing.ng.com on Monday, said that although rare, it is a sexual transmitted infection (STI) which is contacted after a man engages in an unprotected sex with a carrier.

He mentioned that the symptoms of the infection are; itching of the male sexual organ, rashes around the pubic area, pain and whitish discharge during urination.

Speaking on the preventive measure, he advised that men should abstain from unprotected sex. ” Condoms are there to offer the best protection, therefore they should use it”, he said.

In his part, a Microbiology student from the Federal Medical Centre, Bida, Niger state, Muhammed Abdullahi, said that this infection can snowball into severe health implications if not tamed at the initial stage.

“The chronic stage of the disease can be low sperm count and weakness of the sperm in the male sexual organ”, Abdullahi said.

Meanwhile, he noted that the infection can also be contacted through the use of poorly sanitized public toilets,advising that before usage, proper sterilization should be done so as to avoid getting infected.

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