Mouth Odor is Beyond Just teeth Brushing.

By:Oluwagbemi Temitope julianah

According to a doctor who only revealed him self as Dr.Adedayo,a dental officer,federal medical center (FMC)dental surgery department,Bida,Niger state. The medical term for mouth odor is(Alitosis or fitor Ore’s),these has to do with offensive odor from the mouth.this can come in different forms,at times when we she up from a long sleep our first breath might not be appealing,but it becomes a thing of concern when the odor becomes regular.mouth odor is usually caused either by disease within the mouth and some internal disease condition within the body,But most times it occurs as a result of tooth decay that is unattended to and as a result create a hole in the tooth which makes food particles to stock in and decay which authomatically produce offensive smell,even when the teeth looks white in nature.
There are situations when people brush their teeth without brushing their tongue which causes tongue quoting,that is another layer of feed opera and micro-organism accumulate and find it as a very good place to produce offensive odor.also some people have space between their teeth gum and their tooth in which food particles stock in and most times when brushing our teeth we cant brush them off.It is important to know that what causes mouth odor for one person can differ from another,but going to a dentist to identify yours is of importance before applying any form of personal medication.
He advised that prompt brushing of the teeth after lunch and breakfast is advised not just the outer surface but both the internal part of the mouth that can accumulate particles. For people working in places where they don’t offen talk always,their mouth is closed and there won’t be saliva circulation around their mouth, so taking of water every hour will help in water and salivery circulation in the mouth there by making the mouth clean and our breath fresh,you can also chew gum like orbit that are sugar free and have good and fresh smell.

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