Condition of water in the female hostle in FPB.

By:Olwagbemi Temitope Julianah.

when one of the SUG aspirant for the position of 002 in federal polytechnic Bida(FPB)Niger State. who is known as Lady Gaga came for general cleaning of the female hostle(Nicon hostel) noticed that the tank students use to fetch water was full of dirt’s because since January until now the tank have not been washed and its very harmful to the students health.
Mairiga Gloria, a hosteller from the department of Science Laboratory technology(SLT),say a big thank you to lady gaga for washing the tank because it is not hygienic, but the student have been drinking it for a long time thats why most of the student fall sick.
Also Stephen Patience,a hosteller from the department of mass communication (FPB),added that nobody have showed interest in washing the tank until now,which is not proper at all and she is also pleading to the school management to buy new tanks and regular cleaning of the tank should be done at least twice in three months not only during SUG election period.

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