Do you know about oral facial infection?

According to a dental officer in Federal medical center(FMC),dental sugery department,Bida,Niger State,who only reveal him self as Dr.Adedayo,Oral facial infection are infection that starts from the mouth and spread to the face.It has subclassification known as Dento Aviola abses,lordwek againa,Cangrome Or is,all these are form of Oral facial infection which go to the point of necrotizing facially,the concept about these infection is that it manifest in form of swollen in the mouth and face which lead to pox and discharge. Note that this infection are bacteria’s that can’t be contacted from any individual, but it comes as a result of how we take care of our mouth.Oral facial infection comes as a result of; 1) when a teeth is decay and its not attended to,eventually it will lead to swollen g and face. 2) When there is reduction in body immunity system which happens as a result of stress, malaria and any form of immune suppression. 3) Malnutrition (lack of adequate nourishment). 4) it can come inform of a warning such as sore-throat. He advise that anybody suffering fromfro any form of tooth problem should not ignore it but try to visit a dental clinic.

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