Doctor warns parents over girl child early marriage syndrome.

   By Febilola Olayinka Musa

A medical practitioner at Yetu hospital Bida Niger state Dr.kingsley Chukwu has called on indigens of Bida  and environs to desist from early child marriage.

He made the call in his office while speaking to recently.
Dr.Joseph said the side effect of early child marriage are numerous as it increases the rate of death,bleeding in the course of birth,it leads to Visco Vescula fistular (VVF), obstructed labour among others .

He said early child marriage is of a major concern as it is rampant in Bida due to traditional practices, religion as well as poverty.
Dr. Chukwu advised that girl child needs to be empowered and educated.
.”if you train a girl child you have succeeded in building a nation”, he added.

He urged the parents never to under estimate the girl child as there is more that a girl child can offer rather than marrying her out at a tender age and ruining her chances of survival.

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