Self Medication Among Student in Fed, Poly. Bida.

This was contained in a cross section interview with some students at the federal poly bida.
Self medicating has becoming one of the problem among students in Federal Polytechnic Bida.
Okereke Kingsley a student of mass communication HND1 said when you look around your self you see alot of students treat there self which is bad, before you can take any medication you need to seek for doctors advise.
He further noted that self-medicating administer medication to oneself without medical supervision, some students feel lazy to go to the school medical when they are sick in that case they feel it’s right administer drugs by their self,and also the issue of stress in collecting drugs from the medical.
Meanwhile Self medicating can only make the sickness even worse than it was before, so i advise all the students to go to the school medical when they are sick.

By Mohammed Nurudeen Sado

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