A medical practitioner at the Federal Polytechnic Bida Medical Center, Alhaji Yabagi Gimba has condemned the high rate of abortion among young girls and women in the society.

Gimba made this condemnation during an interview with the well being. Com in his office recently stating that the rate at which young girls are aborting is quite alarming.

The head of Nursing Service said that abortion is the intentional termination of pregnancy before the fetus can live independently,stressing that it may be elective based on a woman’s personal choice.”basically, the fact is that abortion is an illegal practice and it’s very sensitive and a serious issue with moral,cultural, and religious dimensions. Regardless of its legal status,abortion is still practiced and nearly half of all abortions are performed by unskilled practitioners or in an unsanitary conditions because young ladies go to places where no one recognize to carry out this practice “,he expressed.

Yabagi further stated that most ladies hide under the umbrella of avoiding stigmatization and mockery and end up complicating their issues by endangering their lives.

Similarly,a medical consultant at the Federal Medical Center (FMC)in Bida, Dr.Adewale Folorunso stated that in order to perform abortion, the cervix must be stretched open with a great deal of force and forcing the cervix to open can cause damage especially in younger woman which the damage may cause inability to keep the cervix closed tight enough to carry future babies or miscarriages, premature babies, heavy bleeding even lost of life.

Folorunso therefore adviced young ladies to abstain from sex,while the married women should adopt family planning to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

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