High Rate Of STDs In Bida

By: Balogun Clara.

   Residents of Bida local Government Area, have been called to the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).
   This was made known during an interview with a medical officer, Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Bida, Dr. Hebeeba Abdulahi recently.

   Dr. Abdulahi an Hematologist explained that ” it is a transmitted disease that can be gotten through any form of sexual contact, body fluid from an infected person”.

   She added that ” patients with the disease are at a great risks of contacting HIV ”, she revealed that gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, are some of the types of sexually transmitted diseases, adding that if one engages in an unprotected sex with an infected person then he/she is at a high risk of being infected with the disease.

   Dr. Abdulahi stated that other ways of contacting the disease could be through the use of sharp objects, having multiple sexual partners that you are not sure of their status and being sexually active.
   She noted that symptoms of STDs include recurrent abnormal virginal discharge, swellings around the private area, recurrent lower abdominal pains and fever.

   She advised that residents make effort to go for a test, so as to grab a cure in order to prevent complications, adding that ” the disease is something secretive and not everyone knows about it, make effort to go to any hospital and get medications for treatment to commence”, she admonished.

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