Female student decry foul state of Hostel in Fed. Poly., Bida.

Byline :Uwadiegwu Ogochukwu Patience

Student in Federal Polytechnic, Bida have beckoned on the school’s management to find a lasting solution to the retarded condition of the hostels which has left them to suffer unbearable smell.

A section with one of the female student with the Department of Microbiology, Emmanuel Grace who stays in a hostel called NICON, revealed her displeasure over the ill condition of the environment, stating that the offensive smell exuding from the environment due to the poor maintenance makes living in the hostel uncomfortable.

Grace muttered, that they have had to live in such a condition for a long period of time and had already gotten used to it.
She also noted that the condition may remain unchanged in posterity since they also met it the same way.

Sharing similar plight, a student from the same department, Comfort Emmanuel complained about the rotten state of the toilets which has left it unhygienic and uncomfortable for student to use.
As a result, the girls are forced to use the bushes as a defecating ground which invariably can have severe health implications on them. She added.

However she called on the school’s management to intensify effort into putting the hostel in better shape, to ensure the healthy wellbeing of the female student.

Victoria Shenini who is also a hostel occupant, while making similar call to the management, admonished the student to aid in the proper maintenance of the hostels as they are also responsible for the sour condition they are facing.

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