Dr Alhaji Gimba, Head of Nursing Warns Student of Artificial Attachments In Fed.Poly, Bida.

By Okum Patience

Dr. Yabaji Gimba the Head of Nursing service Federal Polytechnic Bida on Monday Advice students and others who uses artificial attachment such as nails and cream to desist from it because of its negative effects

He made this know during an interview conducted in the medical center where he made it clear that the body is made up of layers,that is someone indulges in cream because in order to brighten up the skin,it destroys the outer layer and leaves skin pron to infection.

He further stated that the use of artificial nails makes the nail to be weak and hence open it for infection.

He therefore advice ladies and others to be caution of what they apply on their bodies so as not to cause damages to their health and be comtempted with how God made them.

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