Consequences of Stress

By Okum Patience

The Head of Nursing Service Federal Polytechnic Bida Niger State Medical Center,Dr.Alhaji Yabaji Gimba has advised students to always take time to sleep even in midst of busy schedule

He stated this during an interview carried out in the school medical center where he made it known that students has formed it a habit of stressing themselves without adequate rest which has a very bad effect on the brain due to the fact that some want meet deadlines.

He stated that too much accumulated work can cause stress, he states the need for sleep as a student which will enable the brain to relax,that without this, it causes confusion and improper mixing up of things

He further adviced the students to make it a habit of creating extra time table aside the school time table which will enable them plan their schedule and create time for sleeping, stating that its not only student but every other persons need time to sleep it reduces brain stress he noted.

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