Student Are Advised To Clean Their Environment To Avoid Malaria.

By Okum Patience

The Head of The Nursing Service Federal Polytechnic Bida Medical Center,Dr.Yabaji Gimba has advised students of the school to ensure that their environment is well taken care of in order to avoid maleria.

He made this known during an interview conducted in the medical center,which he stated that Maleria is caused by a female Anopheles mosquito when it bites a man, which he explain that it takes 14-21 days for its symptoms to show

Dr.Gimba stressed that the cause of maleria can be stopped by adequate cleaning of the hostels and lodges,cutting of grases and ensuring the use of treated net while sleeping

He further stated that student should always treat themselves not till when exam start,which he explained that in some cases it can cause vomiting and body ach.

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