Mosquito does not cause fever

By:Oluwagbemi Temitope Julianah

Dr.Mikail Dan Mallam the Medical Director of Sawki Clinic Bida,Niger state,In an interview reveal that Fever is a higher than normal body temperature of a person which is usually caused by disease,most ailment come with fever symptoms because the white blood cell try to fight infection/ailment which now lead to fever,But Malaria is caused by plasmoduim parasite is transmitted by mosquito,it serve as a vector because the parasite can not survive on its own without mosquito.these happen when a mosquito bites a person with malaria parasite they inject the malaria inside their body and it undergo some transformation so when they bite another person, it transmit it,so when you remove mosquito you have automatically eradicate malaria because mosquito serves as a vector/transporter.

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