Experts warn on dangers of power banks over heath issues.

Student of The Federal Polytechnic Bida has been warned over danger associated with power bank.
This was disclosed in an interview with Engr Shehu Yakabu a lecturer in Electrical Department recently.
According to Yakubu the quality of the battery is vital for the overall function of the gadget and most companies uses cheaper lithium ion batteries to reduce the cost.
He also observed that companies also uses recycled batteries which make them to sell at much cheaper price than those with standard batteries.
“Inefficient circuit design is another aspect that can causes explosion, users especially students, are adviced not to allow their power bank to run down since it could result to bursting, it should be kept far away from human body as it can cause explosion due to heat radiating”, he said.
According to an HND1 student of Accountancy Department Kennedy Williams, said that power bank has cause so many damages in people’s health.
Williams adviced that people should stop using their mobile phone’s while plugged to power bank for safe health.

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