Washing the vaginal with soap is very dangerous.

Posted by James Christiana Abosede

It is a good idea to avoid the use of perfumed soaps,gels and antiseptics to wash the vagina as these can affect the health balance of bacteria and pH levels in the vagina and cause irritation
A medical practitioner Dr Abdullateef Idris made the disclosure during an interview in office in sokoge hospital Bida.
Dr Idris noted that woman vagina is a very sensitive area in the wonans body and should be handled with much delicacy and care to avoid irritations and possible infections.
The medical practitioner explained that vagina will clean itself inside with natural vagina secretion and fluids this could be noted with the discharge that a woman secrets.
He however advice that the outter part of the vagina could be washed with plain unperfumed soaps gently everyday to avoid smell and also once a woman notice any vulva irritation or symptoms should visit a nearby clinic or see a doctor with immediate effect.

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