indiscriminate dumping of Refuse

By: Elisabeth Richard

Dumpling of refuse indiscriminatly which has become an order of the day in Federal Polytechnic Bida (FPB) hostel has pose a threat on the life of students living within the hostel environs.

This was made known during an interview with students who reside in the school hostel.

An HND 2 student of the department of Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) Daniel Isah, who resides in the boys hostel blamed the students, as well as the managment of the school. Saying that student tend to possess a non chalant attitude whilst neglecting one very important aspect of education which is; hygiene n cleanliness and on the part of the managment, the hostel potters also neglect their jobs of ensuring that students are keeping the environment clean.

Another ND 2 Student from Estate Management Monica James who resides in Sheraton girls hostel stated that the smell from the hostel Is challenging to their health as well as the increase in mosquito’s caused by the refuse littered around the hostel, resultimg in an increase in the level of malaria which is now a common health challenge to student in the hostel.

Also, a ND1 student Esther Jones urged the management you provide waste baskets around the school this way Students will have places to dump their dirts reducing the level at which dirts will b littered around the hostel and offending students should b punished as this will serve as a warning to other students.

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