Healthy benefits of tiger nuts known as AYA.

When it comes to enriching the body with the needed nutrients, tiger nut is a miracle worker.

Doctor Adebayo Dayo, from the Federal Medical Center (FMC) Bida, Niger State say that Tiger Nut as Known in the Hausa language as “aya,” describe tiger nut is one of the earliest recorded plants cultivated in ancient Egypt. And they’ve been used medicinally for both oral medications and enemas tiger nut helps to prevent heart attacks, thrombosis and activate blood circulation.

And due to the high contents of soluble glucose, they help prevent cancer, as well as reducing the risk of suffering colon cancer.

Additionally, he say that the high insoluble fiber contents of tiger nuts help the diabetics to regulate their sugar levels in the blood. However, recent studies have shown that there is more to tiger nuts than meets the eye. They are packed with a lot of health benefits that may seem too wonderful to be true.

Here are six wonderful health benefits of tiger nuts.

1.It cures erectile dysfunction

2.It helps against bacterial infection.

3.It regulate blood pressure.

4.It helps in digestion.

5.It fights malnutrition.

6.It helps to prevent colon cancer.

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