Health implication of unmanaged waste

Ms. Blessing David a student of The Federal Polytechnic Bida Niger State, said that the outbreak of infectious diseases in Bida and Nigeria as a whole is due to the way people manage their waste.

According to Blessing, Bida has become dirtier over the years, allowing rodents, bacteria, and other diseases vectors to find their ways into homes. She cited the ongoing Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria as an example.

“There has been no pathological change in the strain of the disease neither has there been a change in the mode of its transmission. The constant rise in the yearly incidence is as a result of the huge dumps in most areas in the country,” she said.

Similarly, she iterated that poor waste management is a cogent reason why the country keeps experiencing the outbreak of diseases such as cholera, Yellow fever, malaria, and diarrhea, a situation that calls for urgent attention.

“Hosts of these diseases feeds on heaps of refuse dumps around our homes and gradually creep into our doorsteps. Some of the refuses find their way into drainages and waterways thereby blocking up drainages and contaminating our watersources”, she said.

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