Hard drugs a threat to Health

By: Elizabeth Richard

Students of the federal polytechnic Bida have been urged to avoid the intake of Narcotics and other hard drugs as it affects their mental and psychological health.

A consultant at the Federal Medical Center (F.M.C) Bida Dr Adewale Folorunsho who stated this in an interview said hard drugs are medications that affects a persons mental and psychological health.

Dr Folorunsho explained that illicit drugs are drugs that re not approved by the law to be taken except by recommendation or under careful supervision of a physician so it is usually taken by students in hiding and can not be gotten from an open store .

He further stated that drugs like Narcotics, heroine, marijuana, antitoxin e.t.c have some legitimate uses in the medical field and when abused can cause abnormal health behavior. In addition, he said that the abuse of these drugs could result to mental illnesses, violence as well as death.

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