Pregnant Women Advised Against Carbonated Drinks.

Byline :Uwadiegwu Ogochukwu Patience

Pregnant women and student have been apprised to desist from too much intake of carbonated drinks as it could threaten the health of the foetus.

Although these drinks are usually taken to refresh energy lost while carrying out academic activities , it is advised that it should not be a routine drink for pregnant women in school. was enlightened in an interview with the Head of Department, Nutrition and Dietetics,Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Mrs. Fausat Badamasi Kolo.

Mrs. Kolo who is also a registered dietitian noted that these heavy women should afford to maintain a healthy eating schedule of three times a day without skipping a meal, as this might have serious implications on the baby’s health coupled with the tight situation in school.

Going further in the interview, she also opened eyes that noodles which is the most consumed meal by students contains very little nutrients.

She supported this position by describing how unsatisfying the ready-meal is after few minutes of eating, adding that it takes longer hours for the meal to digest in the body.

“It takes hours before it digests, I think up to 12hrs. However,researches are still ongoing about it but that’s my guess on it”, she said.

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