Artificial Fruit Ripening causes CANCER,TUMOR

Byline:Nzeakor Chukwuagozie Onyekwere

Buying unripe fruits has been advised as a better option over the ripened and freshly looking ones as most of them do not undergo naturally ripening process.

The Head of Department (HOD), Nutrition and Dietetics, Federal Polytechnic Bida, Mrs. Fausat Badamasi Kolo who apprised this in an interview with on Tuesday (yesterday) recommended that fruits should be bought unriped and kept in a solitary place for sound maturation, rather than going for the artificially ripened ones.

Badamasi noted that most of the fruits sellers around Bida sell fruits that have been fueled by a substance called Calcium Carbide to hasten the ripening of a large number of the fruits people consume these days.

Carbide is a chemical which when it comes in contact with moisture it produces a naturally ripening gas called ethylene which accelerates the maturation of a fruit.

According to her, most persons are aware that these fruits are forcefully ripened but they still go for them anyway.

When asked about the effect of this substance in the body, the dietitian revealed that fruits that are ripened with Carbide can cause Cancer and Kidney tumor particularly, when these fruits are consumed consistently.

However, she reiterated her prescription of going for the unriped fruites and storing them in a secluded area for natural ripening as it is best for the health.

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