Technology is great for improving some things in our lives, but in other ways, it’s harming our health. Specifically, it’s harming our hearing and vision. Digital devices are everywhere; from using a computer at school, watching a bit of TV at home or playing a game on a smartphone. But there are certain things we can look out for, and things we can do to improve the problems.

There’s no research that shows constant technology use causes any permanent vision damage. But staring at bright screens for hours on end can lead to smaller-scale problems which arewhat will be discussed and treated in this Article.

What are the arms of Communication gadgets to our eyes?

Eye strain

If you use a screen – a computer, TV, tablet or smartphone – more than 3 hours of a day, chances are you may feel the symptoms of computereye strain, also known as digital eye strain, an increasingly common condition.

Dry itchy eyes

When you spend too much time staring at your screen, your eyes may dry and itchy. This may lead inserting your finger into your eyes, which may lead to other eye infections

Blurred Vision

Spending too much time on your laptop or smartphone, especially at night without enough light illuminating the room may lead to blurred vision, which may take some time before your eyes can refocus


Have you notice yourself have headacheafter you use the screen for a longer time than normal? This is as a result of eye strain, which in turn may lead to other infections/defection


While for most people these symptoms go away after a good night’s sleep, long-term eye strain can cause permanent damage to your eyes. However, it’s not too tough to counteract all these negative symptoms. You can start by incorporating eye healthy habits into your day and use gadgets that can help to protect your eyes in our ever-growing screen-centric world.

For instance, if you are the type that cannot with either of these gadgets, try using computer glasses.

Computer glasses are a good solution to consider if getting an entire anti-glare screen protector isn’t appealing. They also work great on smartphone screens. The glasses work by having a protective coating on each lens, designed to make the harsh whites softer. They also have a built-in magnifier.

You may also try not to keep your gadgets too close to your eyes when using them. This will help as it will prevent your eyes from concentrating too much on the screen, that is, it gives your eyes breathing space.

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