Portress at the Federal Polytechnic Bida, Mrs Janet Jiha has expressed her displeasure over the unhygienic attitude of the hostel occupants in handling hosted materials.

She expressedexpressed this while granting an interview with well being. Com recently, stating that the female occupants of the hostel are not maintaining good hygiene.

“The ladies have refused to keep the toilet and bathroom clean even sometimes we have tosl seize their mattress to ensure they keep their surrounding clean but still some ladies are not it matters”.she said.

Mrs Janet further explained that a lot of them engage in many unhygienic attitude which have made them to contact different toilet diseases but due to their ignorant,they refuse to notice any strange change in their system, let alone visiting the doctor.

An ND11 student of marketing department who recides in Nicon Hostel, Magnus Lovina said that the two main causes of discomfort are the use of public toilets which contain a lot of infectious bacteria and careless behavior afterward like neglecting washing hands after using the toilets.

” When a woman uses a public toilet or bathroom, she cannot know for certain who else has used it before or what kind of infection such person is struggling with, so it not good for women to use public toilet, but this is where we have found ourselves “,she said.

According to a student of science laboratory technology (SLT)HND11 ,Ifeoma Obi also said that there are different types of toilet infection which are Bacterial Vaginosis causes by an over growth in the number of normal bacterial usually found in a woman’s lower part,Yeast infection which is caused by a type of fungus called candida albicans and can result in serious issues and Trichomoniasis infection which occurs due to a parasites called Trichomonas vaginalis.it is characterized by symptoms such as pain, problematic urination and intense itching.

” I and my room mate are victims of the last infection “,she stated.

She urged all students to take it has self responsibility to maintain Healthy hygienic living.

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