Indiscriminate refuse dump at female hostel. Federal Poly. Vida.

By Ogbolu Victor

Female students  residence at Sheraton hotel Federal Polytechnic Bida,(FPB) Niger state has called on the management of the institution to urgently address  the issue of refuse dump at the back  of their hostel before it leads to epidemic.

Speaking to well being reporters in FPB on behalf of the students miss Aisha Umar, a chemical  science student of  FPB, said the refuse dump at the back of their hostel do no longer allow them have fresh breath. “we are not finding this funny any longer, we do no longer have good breath as a result of this refuse dump site. Management should do something urgently before epidemic wreck havoc on the people” she stated.

Miss umar noted that refuse Evercuated from inside the hostel are being dumped at the back causing people to close their nose while breathing, even when inside their hostels, adding that, the situation can evoke airburn disease such as cholera if not given immediate attention.

She urged the management to relocate the dump site to where it will be far away from the people so as to prevent possible occurance of epidemics.

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