Observe frequent Sanitation to avoid infection.

By Okum Patience

The Head of Nusing Service Federal Polytechnic Bida Medical center,Dr. Alhaji Yabagi Gimba has advised the students of the institution to observe Proper health sanitation to avoid infection.
He made this known during an interview carried out in the medical center by Wellbeing bloggers were he emphasized on the need to always take everything concerning their health serious.
Dr.Gimba stated that infection can be caused by different ways which includes sharing of under wears,air in case of cough,through dirty toilet,and through sexual intercourse and many more ways.
He advised that adequate sanitation should be carried out everyday,avoid the habit of sharing and borrowing cloths especially under wears,always check up regularly and frequent washing of the underwear,
He also stated that infection is at high rate and every effort should be made individually to avoid contacting diseases.

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