RESIDENTS OF BIDA : register in a gym

Byline: Ejagede Benedicta

Residents of BIDA, Niger state have been enjoined to register with a gymnastics center to encourage great participation in exercise.
This was made known by doctor ogbogbo Joseph with federal medical center, BIDA, Niger state during an interview with wellbeing. Com recently.
Dr ogbogbo emphasized on the need for exercise stating that it has a tremendous effect especially in the reduction of weight, body pain and body stiffness.
He explained that non participation in exercise will do more harm than good as blood vessels can begin to gather and generate disease’s.
Mr ogbogbo revealed that some sicknesses we have today like cramps generate due to failure of exercising for at least 20 minutes everyday.
He advised the Working class to get an application on their smart phone to help them as it may be difficult to enroll in the gym due to time factor.
” if you overlook exercice, some disease will not overlook you”, he added.

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