Poor Menstrual hygiene

A Nurse in Sokoge Hospital, Nurse Alaba Adebayo organized an health seminar for all ladies at Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church during their Wednesday Service on poor Menstrual hygiene.

She also said “period is like the unwanted blood that drops by every month, which should be relieved to see prove that we are healthy.

However she explained that women have to be careful when it comes to their Menstrual hygiene or it could lead to complications in our body.

In the same vain Nurse Alaba further explained that poor Menstrual hygiene can cause urinary tract infections,viginal infections and rashes which could lead to complications.

She said some women may suffer from genital infections due to poor Menstrual hygiene or pelvic pain which could lead to infertility.

Further more she said women in rural areas tend to use cloth, sand or ash during their period which makes them susceptible to urinary tract infections and other problems.

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