Students of FPB Advised to Abstain From Drugs

The Acting Medical director of the Medical Centre, Federal Polytechnic Bida Dr. James Ajari has warned students against taking drugs as a source of inspiration.
He made this known in a recent interview with news men in his office.
Dr. Ajari explained that students are fond of taking harmful drugs before going to lecture halls, presentation, exam halls and sometimes to read and assimilate.
He further stated that “One important thing these students don’t know is that, once the drug clears off, you are back to your fears. Most of times, they take the drugs to build their confidence in front of their course mates and lecturers”.
Dr. James also noted that these drugs are very harmful to the health and once students are addicted to taking these drugs, it would be hard to survive without them.
However he urged students to be more focus with doing things with their natural abilities taking drugs and wished them success in their forth-coming exams.

Byline: Bamidele Bisola

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