Unhealthy disposal of refuse by students.

Posted by Febilola Olayinka Musa

Unhygienic dumping of refuse by students of Federal Polytechnic Bida Niger state has left some off-campus areas unkept.

This was made known in a report gathered by wellbeing.com.ng recently, it was also gathered that environmental pollution contaminate the air which causes various respiratory disease and all forms of sickness among residents.

According to one of the resident of the affected areas, miss Benedicta Joseph ” the attitude of dumping refuse around is wrong but due to ┬ánonchalant attitude of dumping refuse the whole environment have been polluted irrespective of the health implication.”

Another resident Mr Francis Oluwa Timi said the students are not to be blamed alone as the fruit sellers contribute .

“They dump left over rotten fruits around and flies pech on them.If we really want to make our community free of this ,the environmental sanitation need to wake up to responsibility,” he said.

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