Students Lament Over Insanitary Display Of Consumables In FPB

Students of the Federal Polytechnic  Bida, have lamented over the unhealthy ways of displaying consumables by food vendors on the campus.

John Luke, a student of the department of Mass Communication in an interview with said that he is always afraid of buying food materials and confectioneries in the  not well covered and most at times not covered at all.

“The way snacks and other food items are been handled  here baffles me. Imagine in an environment where people move up and down, wares are displayed uncovered”. He said

“some vendors even carry the snacks in broken containers and move about hawking . it is so disheartening that no one seems to see anything wrong in”, he added.

He however, advised students to be careful of what they eat on the campus and generally, because their well being is important as the examinations are around the corner.

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