Sanwo-Olu recounts experience after COVID-19 infection

Lara Adejoro

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Thursday [today] detailed his experience with COVID-19 as he recovered from the contagion.

Sanwo-Olu, while narrating his experience with journalists at the State House in Marina, Lagos, said he had headache, sore throat and cough.

“It was not mild. I was not asymptomatic. I felt all of the things you would feel – headache, sore throat, cough, tiredness, I felt them. It’s real.”

“When they tell you to check your oxygen level, these are real facts that people need to know.

“There is something they call it in medical term; you will not know that you are on reserve.

“It’s like you’re driving a car and your car is on reserve, but it will still tell you there is fuel, until the fuel finishes, that is when the car will just stop. Don’t wait until you get to reserve,” he said.

He urged Lagosians to seek medical attention when they experience any of the symptoms of the virus.

“Once you feel unwell, please shout out. It might be some signals that you don’t know anything about. Don’t just take chances, because the beauty of it is that you will get well.

“It’s just the vulnerable people among us that we need to protect and we need to ensure that we keep them alive and safe,” he added.

Recall that the governor had, on December 12, tested positive for coronavirus.

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